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" I can still hear you saying, you would never break the chain." - Fleetwood Mac

Jes' Chains

Every sculptural link of these incredible chains, is handcrafted with love in our studio from recycled gold.

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Rose Petal NecklaceRose Petal Necklace
Rose Petal Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 3,760
Sage NecklaceSage Necklace
Sage Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 10,320
Tilly NecklaceTilly Necklace
Tilly Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 5,920
Bella NecklaceBella Necklace
Bella Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 2,320
Hemming NecklaceHemming Necklace
Hemming Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 10,240
Nova NecklaceNova Necklace
Nova Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 2,480
Avalon NecklaceAvalon Necklace
Avalon Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 9,120
Wren NecklaceWren Necklace
Wren Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 8,640
Moonbeam NecklaceMoonbeam Necklace
Moonbeam Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 4,080
Goddess of Gold NecklaceGoddess of Gold Necklace
Goddess of Gold Necklace Sale price$ 44,500
Theia NecklaceTheia Necklace
Theia Necklace Sale price$ 1,490
Bone Link ChainBone Link Chain
Bone Link Chain Sale priceFrom $ 590
Bone Link Chain - MiniBone Link Chain - Mini
Bone Link Chain - Mini Sale priceFrom $ 590
Shimmer Lake NecklaceShimmer Lake Necklace
Shimmer Lake Necklace Sale price$ 690
Gold Chiclet NecklaceGold Chiclet Necklace
Gold Chiclet Necklace Sale price$ 8,200
The Relic NecklaceThe Relic Necklace
The Relic Necklace Sale price$ 27,600
Rose Love NecklaceRose Love Necklace
Rose Love Necklace Sale price$ 9,900
Gold Seeds of Love NecklaceGold Seeds of Love Necklace
Gold Seeds of Love Necklace Sale price$ 14,900
Silver Seeds of Love NecklaceSilver Seeds of Love Necklace
Golden Lunar Necklace
Golden Lunar Necklace Sale price$ 7,400
Twist of Time NecklaceTwist of Time Necklace
Twist of Time Necklace Sale price$ 990
Starburst NecklaceStarburst Necklace
Starburst Necklace Sale price$ 590
Theia In Rose Gold BraceletTheia In Rose Gold Bracelet
Theia In Rose Gold Bracelet Sale price$ 9,800
Rose Love Bracelet
Rose Love Bracelet Sale price$ 4,600
Gold Seeds of Love BraceletGold Seeds of Love Bracelet
Gold Seeds of Love Bracelet Sale price$ 5,900
Silver Seeds of Love BraceletSilver Seeds of Love Bracelet
The Relic Bracelet
The Relic Bracelet Sale price$ 13,500
Glitter & Gold BraceletGlitter & Gold Bracelet
Glitter & Gold Bracelet Sale price$ 12,900
Athena BraceletAthena Bracelet
Athena Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 1,290
Rose Garden BraceletRose Garden Bracelet
Rose Garden Bracelet Sale price$ 1,600
Soft Touch Bracelet in GoldSoft Touch Bracelet in Gold
Soft Touch Bracelet in Gold Sale price$ 3,200
Soft Touch BraceletSoft Touch Bracelet
Soft Touch Bracelet Sale price$ 590
Lingering Love BraceletLingering Love Bracelet
Lingering Love Bracelet Sale price$ 6,800
Starburst BraceletStarburst Bracelet
Starburst Bracelet Sale price$ 340
Love &  Life NecklaceLove &  Life Necklace
Love & Life Necklace Sale price$ 1,690
Toro NecklaceToro Necklace
Toro Necklace Sale price$ 890
Monroe NecklaceMonroe Necklace
Monroe Necklace Sale price$ 890
Rose Garden NecklaceRose Garden Necklace
Rose Garden Necklace Sale price$ 1,490
Rose Garden BraceletRose Garden Bracelet
Rose Garden Bracelet Sale price$ 790
Warrior Bracelet
Warrior Bracelet Sale price$ 690
Daisy BraceletDaisy Bracelet
Daisy Bracelet Sale price$ 1,100
Courage Bracelet
Courage Bracelet Sale price$ 7,400
When the Stars Align NecklaceWhen the Stars Align Necklace
Shield NecklaceShield Necklace
Shield Necklace Sale price$ 24,000
Rue NecklaceRue Necklace
Rue Necklace Sale price$ 8,400
My Heart is Open NecklaceMy Heart is Open Necklace
My Heart is Open Necklace Sale price$ 5,400
Bed of Roses NecklaceBed of Roses Necklace
Bed of Roses Necklace Sale price$ 890