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Mindful Practices

Conventional precious metal mining has always been an area of controversy as it generates significant waste, and contaminants the land and its inhabitants. For this reason Jes only sources from companies that use reclaimed and recycled metal. She also recycles all scrap metal here in the studio and uses only lead-free pewter.

The KPCS or Kimberly Process Certification Scheme is a process introduced by the United Nations in 2003 designed to insure that all rough cut diamonds originate from sources which are Conflict-Free. The United States participates in the KPCS and Jes uses only reputable diamond suppliers that strictly adhere to this agreement. Since gemstones are often mined in developing nations where workers are easily taken advantage of Jes also acquires her precious stones from only socially responsible companies. They provide monthly medical camps, educational programs that ensure all minorities are provided proper education and are not forced into a life of labor at an early age.

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