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Silver and Gold Mixed Magic

Treasure the high vibrancy alchemy of our recycled mixed metal. The combination of sterling silver & precious accents of gold create the perfect duet.

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Tides of Love CuffTides of Love Cuff
Tides of Love Cuff Sale price$ 1,600
Eternally Yours CuffEternally Yours Cuff
Eternally Yours Cuff Sale price$ 2,900
Stardust CuffStardust Cuff
Stardust Cuff Sale price$ 590
Resilient CuffResilient Cuff
Resilient Cuff Sale price$ 890
Follow Your Joy EarringsFollow Your Joy Earrings
Follow Your Joy Earrings Sale price$ 590
Gold nugget EarringsGold nugget Earrings
Gold nugget Earrings Sale price$ 460
Spirit and Strength EarringsSpirit and Strength Earrings
Friends Forever EarringsFriends Forever Earrings
Friends Forever Earrings Sale price$ 1,190
Always in my Heart NecklaceAlways in my Heart Necklace
Always in my Heart Necklace Sale price$ 1,290
Rising Moon NecklaceRising Moon Necklace
Rising Moon Necklace Sale price$ 1,990
Tree Of Life NecklaceTree Of Life Necklace
Tree Of Life Necklace Sale price$ 3,400
Always Have Compassion NecklaceAlways Have Compassion Necklace
Us RingUs Ring
Us Ring Sale price$ 1,290
Love Dove RingLove Dove Ring
Love Dove Ring Sale price$ 1,290
Exploration RingExploration Ring
Exploration Ring Sale price$ 990
Live From Love CuffLive From Love Cuff
Live From Love Cuff Sale price$ 2,900
Wrapped in Love CuffWrapped in Love Cuff
Wrapped in Love Cuff Sale price$ 1,190
Flight of Love CuffFlight of Love Cuff
Flight of Love Cuff Sale price$ 890
Feel the Magic CuffFeel the Magic Cuff
Feel the Magic Cuff Sale price$ 1,690
Heal From Your Heart NecklaceHeal From Your Heart Necklace
Daisy BraceletDaisy Bracelet
Daisy Bracelet Sale price$ 1,100
Good Luck To All BraceletGood Luck To All Bracelet
Good Luck To All Bracelet Sale price$ 2,600
Mercy CuffMercy Cuff
Mercy Cuff Sale price$ 1,690
Tender Heart CuffTender Heart Cuff
Tender Heart Cuff Sale price$ 1,290
Find Your Passion CuffFind Your Passion Cuff
Find Your Passion Cuff Sale price$ 2,490
Wise Woman CuffWise Woman Cuff
Wise Woman Cuff Sale price$ 1,690
The Lioness and her Gems CuffThe Lioness and her Gems Cuff
Moon and Sun CuffMoon and Sun Cuff
Moon and Sun Cuff Sale price$ 1,400
Love You to the Moon and Back NecklaceLove You to the Moon and Back Necklace
Silver Seeds of Love NecklaceSilver Seeds of Love Necklace
Bed of Roses NecklaceBed of Roses Necklace
Bed of Roses Necklace Sale price$ 890
Silver Seeds of Love Bracelet
Precious Love CharmPrecious Love Charm
Precious Love Charm Sale price$ 540
Think Of Me CharmThink Of Me Charm
Think Of Me Charm Sale price$ 290