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Teddy Promise

When Jes was a child her sister sewed her a special Teddy Bear. Jes loved "Teddy" and carried him with her always. Throughout the years, wherever Jes went, Teddy went. Eventually Teddy showed signs of wear, and had to be repaired. If repair was to take place, however, Jes wanted to make sure that Teddy would be restored to his original self -- he had to be exactly like the bear she cherished for so many years.

Jes' philosophy about Teddy has inspired her to bring this same understanding to her jewelry repairs. She has created "The Teddy Promise." This promise ensures that if any of her jewelry is brought in for repair, it will be returned to the owner in its original condition as long as we have the same ingredients as the day it was purchased. It also ensures that all labor for repair is free. For Life. The customer is responsible only for the replacement cost of lost, missing or broken components and shipping/insurance cost.

*The Teddy Promise is only valid if the original Jes MaHarry piece has not been tampered with or altered in anyway. The piece under consideration has to be purchased from the Jes MaHarry Studio. We reserve the right to use our best judgement in such cases misuse is shown.

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