Rewards & Referrals Program

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Now you, our loyal and new customers, can earn rewards points where both you and your friends benefit! Be sure to click the important programs details button below to learn more and create your own personal account today!

Earn points with each order:

Order Points you earn Discount
#1 10 points 10% OFF
#2 20 points 20% OFF
#3 30 points 30% OFF

Refer your friends:

Friend spends Points you earn Discount
Up to $399.99 10 points 10% OFF
$400.00 - $599.00 20 points 20% OFF
$600.00 - $19.999 30 points 30% OFF

Important Program Details

Welcome! As loyal customers we’re making it easier to make those purchases you very much desire with points and percentage discounts earned by our Rewards & Referral Program.

How to sign up:

First, if you don’t have an account, open one by clicking here.

Or, call us: (877) 728-5537. If you have an account, simply make a purchase on or call Jes MaHarry personal shoppers at the same number above. Immediately, you’ll start to earn points after each order. Having an account is mandatory to start earning points and using the points for future purchases.

How to earn points with orders:*

With each order you make, receive 10 points for a 10% discount, maximizing at 30 points, for a 30% discount. After the first order you can begin to use your discounts. This point program is based on orders that are tracked through your account, then starts over at 10% to rebuild again to 30%. For example, if you have 100 points in your account, you can only use a maximum of 30 points for a 30 percent discount at a time.

Refer your friends - another way to earn even more points:

After admiring and desiring your Jes MaHarry jewelry, we think your friends will be interested in receiving a referral from you to share Jes’ zest for life in her lovingly-made jewelry. Why? Because you will both benefit. You will earn additional points, and your friends, upon making a purchase, will become a member and will immediately start earning points just like you! Plus, then your friends can refer friends and earn points, too.

How to earn points referring friends:*

For every $200 your friend purchases at Jes MaHarry earns 10 points for you. For example, if your friend purchases an item for $600 you’ll receive 30 points into your account earning a 30% discount for you. This referral program is based on dollar amount purchased. Points will be earned from each of your friends’ purchases over and over!

How to refer a friend:

1. Login to your account and visit "My Referrals.”

2. Copy/paste your link and share it on your preferred social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc…) or, use the email feature in your account to send direct emails to your friends. It’s easy, we’ve already written the email for you!

3. Direct your friends to make a purchase on or call us: (877) 728-5537. They must be new customers, and will be required to open an account. Accounts are automatically opened with a purchase, or at request by calling Jes MaHarry at the number above. If you would like to open an account without purchasing, open one by clicking here.

Track your points:

Because we want you to be in the know of where you stand with your points, we’ve made it easy. Simply check your account online to view your point status at any time – points from both your rewards and friend referrals will be displayed


Using your points:

Earn your points when you make an order, and use your points for up to a 30% discount on your next order! Simply enter the point value you want to use when you check out.


* Points are earned on items priced under $20,000 only. Points/discounts are available for use after the first purchase. Friends referred must be new customers. Points subtotal does not include shipping and tax. Items purchased with points are non-refundable. Points/discounts do not apply to sale items, special orders, gift cards, and orders prior to 8/3/2017. Jes MaHarry has the right to revoke points and discontinue Rewards Program at any time and without notice.