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Our Heirloom collection is an explosion of high karrat gold and precious stones packed to the brim with meaning and positive messages  and  that will inspire and soothe the wearer. The pieces are so precious that they are sure to become meaningful family treasures.

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Aquamarine Queen NecklaceAquamarine Queen Necklace
Aquamarine Queen Necklace Sale price$ 11,000
Reign of Beauty RingReign of Beauty Ring
Reign of Beauty Ring Sale price$ 12,900
Windsor RingWindsor Ring
Windsor Ring Sale price$ 7,900
Maya RingMaya Ring
Maya Ring Sale price$ 12,000
Florence RingFlorence Ring
Florence Ring Sale price$ 6,900
Roma RingRoma Ring
Roma Ring Sale price$ 7,200
Goddess of Gold NecklaceGoddess of Gold Necklace
Goddess of Gold Necklace Sale price$ 44,500
Aura EarringsAura Earrings
Aura Earrings Sale price$ 2,600
Drops of Gold EarringsDrops of Gold Earrings
Drops of Gold Earrings Sale price$ 790
Lizzy NecklaceLizzy Necklace
Lizzy Necklace Sale price$ 17,000
Durga's Tiger NecklaceDurga's Tiger Necklace
Durga's Tiger Necklace Sale price$ 7,200
Firefly Lane EarringsFirefly Lane Earrings
Firefly Lane Earrings Sale price$ 4,900
Moon Lover CuffMoon Lover Cuff
Moon Lover Cuff Sale price$ 32,000
Sun Is Rising CuffSun Is Rising Cuff
Sun Is Rising Cuff Sale price$ 39,000
Blue Glacier BraceletBlue Glacier Bracelet
Blue Glacier Bracelet Sale price$ 15,900
Live Every Second NecklaceLive Every Second Necklace
Live Every Second Necklace Sale price$ 12,600
Blue Sky Ring
Blue Sky Ring Sale price$ 28,000
Infinite Dreams CuffInfinite Dreams Cuff
Infinite Dreams Cuff Sale price$ 17,000
Ray of Light CuffRay of Light Cuff
Ray of Light Cuff Sale price$ 9,900
Moon Ray CuffMoon Ray Cuff
Moon Ray Cuff Sale price$ 9,900
Athena BraceletAthena Bracelet
Athena Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 1,290
Dainty Diamond CuffDainty Diamond Cuff
Dainty Diamond Cuff Sale price$ 2,600
Brillant Butterfly Bracelet
Brillant Butterfly Bracelet Sale price$ 2,900
River CuffRiver Cuff
River Cuff Sale price$ 17,000
Gold Chiclet NecklaceGold Chiclet Necklace
Gold Chiclet Necklace Sale price$ 8,200
Color of the Sun NecklaceColor of the Sun Necklace
Color of the Sun Necklace Sale price$ 4,200
You hold the Power of Love Within NecklaceYou hold the Power of Love Within Necklace
You hold the Power NecklaceYou hold the Power Necklace
You hold the Power Necklace Sale price$ 17,000
Beauty in Bloom EarringsBeauty in Bloom Earrings
Beauty in Bloom Earrings Sale price$ 2,100
Diamond Rain HoopsDiamond Rain Hoops
Diamond Rain Hoops Sale price$ 4,900
Grand Teton Earrings-GoldGrand Teton Earrings-Gold
Grand Teton Earrings-Gold Sale price$ 2,900
Love You Beyond the Stars CuffLove You Beyond the Stars Cuff
Meadow CuffMeadow Cuff
Meadow Cuff Sale priceFrom $ 1,990
Magical Forest CuffMagical Forest Cuff
Magical Forest Cuff Sale price$ 37,000
Radiant Peace CuffsRadiant Peace Cuffs
Radiant Peace Cuffs Sale priceFrom $ 1,200
Endless Pasture Cuff
Endless Pasture Cuff Sale price$ 26,000
Ancient Tide RingAncient Tide Ring
Ancient Tide Ring Sale price$ 5,900
Empress RingEmpress Ring
Empress Ring Sale price$ 5,900
Golden Moon NecklaceGolden Moon Necklace
Golden Moon Necklace Sale price$ 18,000
Sparkle Under The Moon With Love CuffSparkle Under The Moon With Love Cuff
Walk With The Lioness BraceletWalk With The Lioness Bracelet